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Why are Palm and Palm Kernel oils a threat to species that live in the rainforest?

The removal of forest means removal of habitat for many forest inhabitants, some of which are unique to Malaysia and Indonesia. This leads to starvation or increased conflict with humans as these animals search for food. It also results in isolated populations of species which leads to inbreeding and further weakening an already stressed population. This diverse ecosystem is replaced with monocrops that cannot support all the species found in the rainforest.

What can be done?

Limit plantation permits to degraded land. Degraded land, as defined by WRI, is land with “low carbon stock” or less than 35 tonnes of carbon per hectare. Educate the population through school programs and require plantation owners and personnel to attend classes held by NGOs and universities regarding the unique value of the animals of the region and what to do when encountered with clear guidance against killing endangered species or selling or capturing any animals.