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Orangutans are unique to the Malaysian and Indonesian rainforests. They don’t exist anywhere else in the world and share 97% of our DNA. They live in the tree tops and travel from tree to tree, eating large quantities fruit and dropping seeds in their feces throughout the rainforest. This service that orangutans provide supports the health of the rainforest which many other species rely on for survival. When oil palm companies remove primary forest, the solitary orangutan loses its home and food source. They are often killed in human conflict as they search for food or die of starvation. The orangutan is currently on the critically endangered list and most likely has survived this long due to the efforts of non-governmental organizations that fight to rescue and rehabilitate these animals. If orangutans become extinct, the east Asian rain forests will most likely become vulnerable to environmental extremes.

What can be done?

Look for products with the seal and talk about what is happening to the rain forest and the orangutans.

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